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USA and China are in cahoots exploiting Covid-19 to ensure that medical tyranny continues into 2022 and very likely beyond. Their narrative, aided and abetted by the media giants, the complicity of Big Pharma and the compliance of Big Business will continue to enforce vaccination, “get out of jail” passports, masks, social distancing and on/off lockdowns upon a terrified and cowed world. Managed and sensationalised media reporting, lack of context, manipulation of the statistics and increasing censorship are their preferred methods of restricting freedoms and human rights in the guise of caring for you and protecting your livelihood. Few alternative views or solutions are considered or given space to breathe.

When will you stand up and demand the right to be heard and determine your own future – and that of your children and grandchildren?

For a balanced perspective visit PANDA: www.pandata.org

Winning Hearts & Minds

“Who does not know the truth, is simply a fool… yet who knows the truth and calls it a lie, is a criminal.”

Bertolt Brecht.

Panicked by their own mortality as they witnessed what appeared to be an out-of-control novel virus, virtually all the leaders of WHO and governments worldwide reacted by shutting down their economies and enforcing a lockdown on children and adults alike, irrespective of their ability to survive the effect of it.

Negligible regard was taken of the long-term consequences and how the economies would be permanently damaged and many unnecessary lives lost to malnutrition, starvation, disease and other stress related causes.

The fear of death and the process of dying is the most basic driver of human emotion and reaction. The resulting stream of images and the parading of the dead and dying by both mainstream and social media helped fan the flames of imaginations worldwide.

Meanwhile, virtually all information and statistics are presented with no contextualisation. Some 1,400 people die every day in South Africa from a variety of other causes without anyone batting an eye. In addition, the seasonal spikes resulting from the usual round of influenza results in some 10,000 deaths and 40,000 hospitalisations in South Africa every year, yet this is not regarded as an epidemic, let alone a pandemic. It is routine and regular and part of the natural cycle of life.

Even now, as the statistics prove that Covid-19 is not a deadly disease nor worthy of its status as a pandemic, WHO and these governments continue to indoctrinate and subjugate the children and adults of this world. It seems they have to keep up the pretence or risk a great backlash from their constituencies.

So how do we extricate ourselves from this crisis induced by a series of irrational and unreasoned decisions?

Given that a safe and effective vaccine is a long way off, most people outside the target market should NOT wear masks so herd immunity develops faster and the general population becomes protected sooner.

“Free the Children – Save the Nation” relies upon the statistics that most children can’t transmit Covid-19 and are virtually immune to it too.
We are promoting an extensive “hearts and minds” campaign where all political parties, the Cabinet, Ministers, Premiers, and all top echelons of government departments will visit all childcare facilities, creches, playschools, pre-schools and all other educational institutions country-wide in order to allay fears and instil confidence and ensure an on-going education in a stress-free environment for the children and youth of South Africa.

Covid-19 is not a deadly virus for the vast majority of the population.

Never before in history have healthy people been quarantined en masse and thereby exposed to the attendant health risks to themselves.

Join the movement and set free those you care for and love.

“Remember, no one is stopping you from lighting a lamp in a dark night.”

Harivansh Rai Bacchan

Our goal is to reach 10 000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more details and sign the petition by clicking on the button below:

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